Transportation Tech Fellow

Embedded with LADOT, the one-year fellowship developed an action plan for Los Angeles to take advantage of technology as it looks to develop transportation solutions.

Throughout his administration, Mayor Garcetti has emphasized the importance of technological innovation and sustainability. Working within the LA Department of Transportation (LADOT), Ashley Z. Hand spent a year studying LA’s unique situation to develop a set of actions the city can take to become a leader in 21st-century transportation. Hand came to LA from her former post as Chief Innovation Officer of Kansas City, the first woman in the nation to serve in such a role.

The Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles, with support from the Goldhirsh Foundation, supported Hand’s work. Throughout late 2015, Hand traveled extensively and worked with many civic partners, developing thought leadership to inform her recommendations for LA.

Hand’s study opens the way for sustainable, tech-enabled transport options. These include integrated mobility hubs, shared mobility, and automated vehicle infrastructure, among many others. Her final product, “Urban Mobility in a Digital Age,” embraces a service model for transportation data, mobility, and infrastructure, providing a groundbreaking blueprint for innovation in traditionally auto-centric cities.

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Key Impact

Resulted in a strategic transportation plan for Los Angeles focused on the use of data, mobility and infrastructure to broaden access, build efficiencies, and affordability.

Issue Area

Government Innovation


LA Department of Transportation
Goldhirsh Foundation

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