Angeleno Card

Direct cash assistance to Angelenos most in need and suffering from the impacts of COVID-19


applications received


cards distributed

More than 40%

of funds spend on food/groceries

The Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles launched the Angeleno Campaign to provide direct cash assistance to Angelenos most in need and suffering from the impacts of COVID-19.  Angeleno card recipients received prepaid debit cards to cover the cost of basic needs i.e., medical aid and assistance, food, clothing, and rent payments.  Los Angeles City households were eligible for the program if total annual income was below the federal poverty level (pre-COVID) and further deeper economic hardship had been experienced due to job or income loss. Immigration status and previous receipt of public benefits were not barriers to program eligibility. While the Angeleno card was not targeted to undocumented immigrants, it was expected they would be among the beneficiaries alongside recently incarcerated individuals, the unbanked, and individuals with self- or seasonal employment.

Key Impact

$36,761,979 distributed; with
104,156 total individuals served

Issue Area

Disaster Relief & Recovery


City of Los Angeles

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