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Here’s How the Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles Supported the City During COVID

Article posted at Inside Philanthropy by Martha Ramirez, March 14, 2022. Read the article here. It’s been more than two years since COVID-19 upended the world. In that time, we’ve seen numerous examples of people coming together to support each other, with one of the more notable trends being cross-sector collaboration. In Los Angeles, many of these public-private partnerships have been successful. As Inside Philanthropy has written before, philanthropists and private companies have come together to try to close the digital divide, establish an education recovery fund for students in the second-largest school district in the country, and support immigrants. [...]

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Mayor’s Fund For Los Angeles Awards Grants To 22 Business Organizations Across LA

LOS ANGELES –– The Mayor's Fund for Los Angeles today announced that its Small Chambers of Commerce Relief Fund has awarded grants of $5,000 to $10,000 to 22 of Los Angeles chambers that are helping small businesses impacted by the pandemic. During the pandemic, small chambers provided crucial one-on-one assistance, webinars, and a myriad of other resources to support businesses impacted by COVID-19. At the same time, many of these same small Chambers exhausted their resources when they saw declines in membership dues and fundraising. The way chambers are incorporated also limited their ability to participate in other relief programs. “Small businesses are key to our economic recovery. They are [...]

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Mayor Garcetti Announces Relief To Small Chambers Of Commerce

LOS ANGELES –– Mayor Eric Garcetti today announced a Chambers of Commerce Relief Fund, which will offer vulnerable chambers that saw declines in their membership and fundraising with grants ranging from $5,000 to $10,000. “The last thing our small businesses need right now is to lose a lifeline that has helped keep them afloat,” said Mayor Eric Garcetti. “Our Chambers of Commerce have always been the beating heart of our local economy, and as we continue down the road of recovery, these grants will play an indispensable role in lifting up our workforce, revitalizing our small businesses, and ensuring that [...]

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Mayor Garcetti Announces Merger Of The Evolve Entertainment Fund And Group Effort Initiative

LOS ANGELES — Mayor Eric Garcetti today announced a merger between the Mayor’s Evolve Entertainment Fund (Evolve) and Group Effort Initiative (GEI), an initiative created by Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, to offer more people from under-represented communities employment, training, and mentorship opportunities in the entertainment industry. “Evolve is about more than injecting young people’s voices into our City’s creative output — it makes sure the studios of Hollywood better reflect the melting pot of backgrounds that makes Los Angeles extraordinary,” said Mayor Eric Garcetti. “This merger between Evolve and the Group Effort Initiative will provide even more individuals from underserved [...]

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Mayor Garcetti Announces Winners Of Low-Rise Housing Challenge

LOS ANGELES — Mayor Eric Garcetti today announced the winners of Low-Rise: Housing Ideas for Los Angeles, an international, first-of-its-kind design challenge to produce appealing, accessible visions of new housing options to boost the City’s housing stock in areas zoned for single-family housing and low-rise apartments. “Angelenos want a more livable city with more affordable housing, more opportunity, and more accessible transportation options no matter where they live,” said Mayor Garcetti. “This challenge was designed to inspire creative ideas that might reimagine the future of housing in Los Angeles — and the results brought forward an extraordinary range of solutions [...]

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Mayor Garcetti Urges Angelenos To Shop Local For The Holidays

To find creative makers and artists making original products in Los Angeles, visit  LOS ANGELES -- Mayor Eric Garcetti has a simple message to holiday shoppers this year: “Do something big. Support local small businesses online and safely in your neighborhood this holiday season.” Today, to help small businesses and protect people’s livelihoods, Mayor Garcetti, in partnership with L.A. Original, a program of the Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles, announced the “Do Something Big, Support Small” initiative, which encourages Angelenos to do their holiday shopping with small, local businesses. “Our small businesses are the beating heart of our economy, and [...]

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Mayor Garcetti Launches “LA Optimized” To Strengthen Local Small Businesses

LOS ANGELES — Mayor Eric Garcetti today launched LA Optimized, an initiative to help local small businesses recover from the pandemic by expanding their e-commerce capabilities and growing their online presence. The project will be overseen by the Mayor’s newly appointed 2021 Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR), Roberto Martinez. “COVID-19 has changed everything — the way we communicate, work, socialize, and shop — and our brick-and-mortar stores need to rapidly rethink how they reach their customers, market their goods, sell their products, and thrive when so much business is happening online,” said Mayor Garcetti. “Our small businesses are the backbone of our economic [...]

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Mayor Garcetti Launches ‘L.A. College Promise Works’ Program To Connect Local Students To Jobs

Eds:  Archived live video can be found at High-resolution photos can be found at  LOS ANGELES — Mayor Eric Garcetti today launched L.A. College Promise Works (LACP Works), a new initiative connecting community college students to career coaching, skills training, and paid employment opportunities. This program is the product of a close partnership between the Mayor’s Office, the L.A. Community College District (LACCD), the Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles, and the City’s Workforce Development System. “COVID-19 has forced us all to make sacrifices in our jobs, homes, and lives, but our students should never have to sacrifice their [...]

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Mayor Garcetti Celebrates Two Years Of The Evolve Entertainment Fund

LOS ANGELES — Mayor Eric Garcetti today celebrated the two-year anniversary of the Evolve Entertainment Fund, a public-private partnership that connects young Angelenos from underrepresented communities with internships and opportunities in the entertainment industry. “The studios and soundstages, and backlots of Hollywood should be open to any Angeleno, no matter where they’re from or who they are,” said Mayor Garcetti. “The entertainment industry brings great ideas to life — and Evolve is ensuring that more people have a shot to add their voices and creativity to the work of inspiring audiences everywhere in the world.” Launched in 2018 by the [...]

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Mayor Garcetti Announces Program To Provide Entrepreneurship Training To Angelenos Experiencing Homelessness

LOS ANGELES — Mayor Eric Garcetti today announced the creation of LA: EnterpRISE, a pilot program to drive entrepreneurship opportunities for Angelenos experiencing housing insecurity or homelessness. “Every Angeleno should have a chance to nurture their talents, pursue their dreams, and earn an income,” said Mayor Garcetti. “The goal of LA: EnterpRISE is to empower people in need — to give them the support, training and encouragement they need to start a new chapter.” LA: EnterpRISE is a public-private partnership with the Mayor’s Office of Economic Development, the Downtown Women’s Center, Target, the Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles and PACE [...]

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L.A. Youth: “Find Your Future” With New Online Tool

Los Angeles, CA – The Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles (MFLA), an independent nonprofit organization that supports civic partnerships between the public, private and philanthropic sectors of Los Angeles, and Jobcase, a social platform for the “future of work,” today announced the launch of the Find Your Future initiative, a new collaborative effort to engage and support young job seekers by increasing access to career info and directly matching young people to local jobs. The platform can be accessed at “Find Your Future is a public-private collaboration that puts career and job information directly in the hands of young [...]

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Evolve Entertainment Fund

Los Angeles is the world’s entertainment hub, and it’s also one of the world’s most diverse cities. Evolve Entertainment Fund supports a cross-sector initiative to help the entertainment industry embrace that diversity and its creative potential.

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Mayor Garcetti Launches Evolve Entertainment Fund To Boost Diversity In Entertainment Industry

LOS ANGELES — Mayor Eric Garcetti today joined filmmaker Ava DuVernay and producer Dan Lin to launch the Evolve Entertainment Fund (EEF), a public-private partnership aimed at creating new opportunities for communities that have been historically excluded from the entertainment industry. The Evolve fund is an alliance between the City of Los Angeles, industry leaders in entertainment and digital media, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions. It is dedicated to building career pathways into film, television, and music for women, people of color, and low-income Angelenos through paid internships, focused mentoring, and an ongoing series of workshops and panels. The EEF has [...]

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Mayor Eric Garcetti Launches LA Original

LOS ANGELES — Mayor Eric Garcetti kicked off L.A. Manufacturing Week today with the launch of LA Original, a pilot program to spotlight and support L.A.'s creative economy and local manufacturers. LA Original includes a logo, promotional campaign, and line of products from local makers — and the program's proceeds will support creative entrepreneurs across the city. "The creativity in Los Angeles is unrivaled anywhere else," said Mayor Garcetti. "Our artists and manufacturers feed the spirits and better the lives of people all over the world. LA Original showcases that legacy, brings support to a new generation of entrepreneurs, and raises [...]

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Mayor Garcetti Boosts Support For L.A.’s Small Businesses With New Online Platform

LOS ANGELES — Mayor Eric Garcetti is offering small business owners a helping hand with a new online platform that walks them through the startup process step-by-step, and provides free, custom-tailored guidance that gives local entrepreneurs the resources they need to thrive. The L.A. Business Portal, launched today, is designed to help small business owners across Los Angeles open their doors as quickly and efficiently as possible, and overcome difficult challenges like finding a location, negotiating a lease, and securing a business loan. “Running a business is already a tough job — the last thing entrepreneurs need is confusing red [...]

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Small Business Portal

To make doing business in L.A. easier for entrepreneurs and small operations, an L.A. Business Portal was created, and then translated into Spanish, for individual entrepreneurs and business owners to plan, start, manage, and grow local businesses.

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U.S. China Climate Summit

A 2015 summit brought together local and regional leaders from the U.S. and China to set goals and confirm emissions targets. MFLA acted as sole fiscal sponsor for the event.

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