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Frequently Asked Questions

During this time of crisis, many Angelenos are wondering, “How am I going to get through this?” Others are also asking, “What can I do to help?” We’ve responded with the Angeleno Campaign – a campaign that aims to raise $10 million so that we can provide direct financial assistance to Angelenos most in need. Below are answers to your most frequently asked questions.

Please do not call the Mayor’s Fund with inquiries regarding your application status.


What is the Angeleno Campaign?

The Angeleno Campaign was created to receive donations that will be used to provide direct financial assistance for the most basic needs, i.e., medical aid and assistance, food, and clothing, to individuals and families who are facing extreme economic hardship. This includes Angelenos who qualify for federal and state assistance but may not receive those checks for weeks or longer. There will be no administrative costs to operate this campaign – every dollar donated will be used to assist Angelenos in need.


How is the Angeleno Campaign different from the L.A. Emergency COVID-19 Crisis Fund?

The Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles is receiving donations for both initiatives. While they are equally important, they serve different purposes. The L.A. Emergency COVID-19 Crisis Fund was created to help families, small businesses, healthcare workers, and unhoused neighbors by supporting a range of critical needs as they arise in the City of Los Angeles – such as childcare and meals for the neediest, relief and counseling for healthcare workers, critical healthcare equipment, and services for L.A.’s homeless population. Learn more here.


How much money will the Angeleno Campaign raise, and how many people will benefit from it?

The Angeleno Campaign has a goal of raising $10 million to provide direct financial assistance for up to 20,000 recipients.


What is the Angeleno Card?

With support from the Office of Mayor Eric Garcetti and the Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles, the Angeleno Card provides financial assistance for in-need households via no-fee debit cards provided by Mastercard’s City Possible network in amounts determined according to the following table:

Angenelo Fund card amounts

The amounts for which families are eligible are designed to meet their most basic needs, i.e., medical aid and assistance, food, and clothing.


Who is eligible for Angeleno Card assistance?

Households must meet all three of the following criteria to be eligible for assistance through the Angeleno Card initiative:

  1. Households in the City of Los Angeles;
  2. Households with total annual incomes that fell below the federal poverty level prior to the COVID-19 crisis; and
  3. Households that have fallen into deeper economic hardship during the crisis because at least one household member has lost a job or experienced a reduction in income of at least 50%.

We will not ask for immigration status, nor is it considered in determining eligibility. This initiative is funded by private donations and is not a City program. Any assistance through this fund is not considered a public benefit and is not subject to the Public Charge rule.

Households receiving public benefits (including unemployment insurance benefits) may still be eligible for this initiative if their total annual household income falls below the poverty level.  Households may be eligible regardless of whether workers within them earn or earned W2 or 1099 income; are or were otherwise independently employed (as domestic workers, day laborers, or street vendors, for example); or are or were seasonal workers in agriculture or tourism who are not working or who have experienced a serious reduction in work hours.


How Do I Apply for Assistance?

The application process is now closed.


How and when will the funds be disbursed to recipients?

For more information, visit


How can I make a donation to the Angeleno Campaign?

To donate, visit


What is the Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles?

The Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to improving life for all Angelenos. Bringing together institutions and experts from across the City, the Fund supports programs that will create transformative change in Los Angeles, making it a world leader in economic prosperity, government efficiency, community resiliency, and quality of life for all residents.

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