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The Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles launched the L.A. Emergency COVID-19 Crisis Fund in March 2020 to provide support to Angelenos in need during the pandemic.

In partnership with the City, the Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles has quickly deployed millions of dollars to directly support those who need it most. The Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles is a registered independent, nonprofit charity and your donation may be eligible for tax deduction.

DONATE TODAY and join over 10,000 generous Angelenos supporting:

MOVE (Mobile Outreach For Vaccine Equity)

An effort to scale up mobile vaccinations in some of the most vulnerable parts of Los Angeles by administering vaccine doses in some of the hardest hit communities. In coordination with Council Offices, the County and nonprofit community-based partners, mobile units will be deployed with a capacity to vaccinate 200 people per day, with the ability to scale up that number as more supplies arrive. The Fund will also support transportation resources for vulnerable residents and a proactive direct-call outreach program to contact disabled and homebound individuals.

GIVEN (Grocery Initiative for Vital Emergency Needs)

MFLA will provide thousands of Angelenos in need with a $300 cash card that will enable them to buy food and other essentials during an extraordinarily difficult holiday season. Through a partnership with the city’s FamilySource Centers and its network of community-based, non-profit partners, GIVEN has identified a pool of more than 11,200 clients at or near the poverty line who have enrolled in and qualified for services.

SERVE  (Secure Emergency Relief for Vulnerable Employees) For Food Service Workers

MFLA will provide $800 cash assistance to approximately 4,000 eligible food service workers who have experienced a decline in income due to the pandemic. In accordance with public health guidelines, restaurants have limited service, and in some cases, closed completely. While some resources have been made available for restaurant owners, employees such as dishwashers, cooks, servers and hosts have been uniquely affected.

Individuals & Families Directly Impacted

MFLA continues to work with the City to explore opportunities to directly support Angelenos facing hardship directly in response to COVID-19 and the related stay-at-home orders. Early in the pandemic, MFLA immediately activated with direct cash assistance through the Angeleno Card which supported more than 105,000 Angelenos in need. Other support has included expansion of childcare for frontline healthcare workers and support for domestic violence survivors and families as the need for services has increased during the pandemic.

Food Insecurity

The Fund has supplied home-delivered meals for isolated seniors in partnership with the City’s Department of Aging and provided access to meals through food-cards for victims of domestic violence.  MFLA continues to work with the City and its partners to explore opportunities to address food insecurity for those who need it most.

Support for Small Business

MFLA seeks to lift community resources for small businesses whose operations have been disrupted by the COVID-19 outbreak through emergency relief grants, partnerships to produce PPE, and technical assistance programs. During the COVID-19 pandemic, MFLA has worked with the Mayor’s Office of Economic Development and the Economic and Workforce Development Department to provide resources that support LA businesses and promote economic recovery.

Critical Protective Gear & Healthcare Equipment

Increasing access to personal protective equipment such as masks, face shields, and thermometers as well as other supplies vital to ensuring the health and safety of Angelenos remains an ongoing priority. MFLA focuses on populations most in need and includes partnership with the Mayor’s Skid Row Outreach Teams and the newly created Civil and Human Rights Department.

Services for Our Unhoused Neighbors

MFLA continues to support services and resources for unhoused Angelenos, such as emergency shelters, hygiene supplies, to support the needs of the city’s homeless populations.

Ways you can help today:

Donate by Check

You may send a check by mail to the following address:

The Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles
File 2345
1801 W. Olympic Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91199-2345

Please make the check out to “Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles,” and in the memo line write “L.A. Emergency COVID-19 Crisis Fund.” Writing this in the memo line ensures it will be used specifically for the crisis response to COVID-19/coronavirus.

Donate by Wire/ACH transfer

Please email for wire/ACH transfer instructions.

EIN: 47-1084641

Thank you for your donation and your continued support of this important work.

Together, we can keep our fellow Angelenos from facing an extreme economic crisis and help our city move forward. The Fund is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization which makes your gift tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Need More Info?

For more information on public programs and the latest on the COVID-19 crisis, please go to,,, and For additional questions, you can call 211, the County’s hotline, which is available 24/7, or the Mayor’s Help Desk at 213-978-1028.

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