mayor-eric-garcettiPartnership and collaboration are key to making lasting change in a city with tremendous resources and persistent challenges. That’s not as easy as it sounds. Although Los Angeles bursts with creativity from mountains to ocean, our city government has not always worked seamlessly with our city.

The Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles helps us move the city forward with a teamwork approach to solve our most pressing issues. It enables our philanthropic and private-sector partners to support civic endeavors to drive impact and results. In its first year, the Fund has nurtured a wide array of public-private partnerships, each contributing to four cornerstone goals: economic prosperity; improving quality of life; enhancing government efficiency; and, building resilient communities.

The Fund enables the nimbleness of private enterprise to meet the scale of city government. I have been inspired to see how quickly these partnerships moved from ideas to action. And I’m working to make this effort sustainable over the long term.

The Fund’s activities over the past year will have a lasting impact on the lives of Angelenos. It brought hope to women suffering from domestic violence through the City’s Domestic Abuse Response Teams (DART) teams. It provided disadvantaged youth with summer jobs. It worked to give recent immigrants valuable training in financial literacy. It raised funds from hundreds of Angelenos to support senior citizens who lost their care packages in a fire. And that’s just the beginning.

To those who supported the Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles this year, thank you. Your commitment to using private resources for the public good is making Los Angeles a better place. To those of you who care about Los Angeles – about the future of our city and the quality of life of those who share it – now is the time to act.