About The Fund

  • The Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving life for all Angelenos. Leveraging the power of institutions and experts from across the city, the Fund creates partnerships that will transform Los Angeles, making it a world leader in economic prosperity, efficiency, sustainability, and quality of life for all of its residents.

    Uniquely positioned at the crossroads of local government, business, philanthropy, and non-profits, the Fund enables communication and collaboration that will solve some of Los Angeles’ most complex challenges.

    Programs will be selected on the basis of their ability to utilize public and private resources, demonstrate collaboration, seek innovative solutions, and yield measurable, transformational impact.

    The Fund is supported by private donations and is overseen by an independent Board of Directors.

  • Mission

     The Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles will bring together the best of private, philanthropic, non-profit and government resources to solve the City’s most pressing challenges.

    The Fund will work throughout Los Angeles, enhancing economic prosperity, government services, safety, and overall quality of life for all who live, work, and play here. It will sponsor programs that address both current and future needs, insisting on rigorous standards of measurable impact.

    As mayoral administrations change over time, the Fund will maintain its independence and non-partisan nature, focusing on the long-term health of the City and its residents. It will continue with optimism, always believing in the promise of Los Angeles and its residents.

  • The Fund is grateful for the generosity of countless individuals, corporations and other entities for their support of the Fund.

    Annenberg Foundation

    Frank E. Baxter

    Berdakin Foundation

    James Berkus

    Catherine & Robert Beyer

    Stanley & Joyce Black Family Foundation

    Kobe & Vanessa Bryant Family Foundation

    Steven & Dayna Bochco

    Eli & Edythe L. Broad Foundation

    Kathleen Brown

    The California Endowment

    Caruso Family Foundation

    Citi Community Development

    Ernst & Young, LLP

    Gaba Family Foundation

    Goldman Sachs Gives

    Lisa Henson

    JM Eagle

    JPMorgan Chase

    Martha & Bruce Karsh

    Microsoft Corporation

    David Mitchell

    Dominic Ng, East West Bank

    Audrey Sarn & Jon Peed


    Richard Ross

    Southern California Gas Company

    Ben & Jenn Silverman

    Eva & Marc Stern

    Mike Sullivan

    Janet & Thomas Unterman

    The Walt Disney Company

    La Vida Feliz Foundation

  • What is the Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles?

    The Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to creating partnerships that connect private and public resources to enhance  economic development and building a stronger, more vibrant Los Angeles.  The Fund will develop programs that build upon the Mayor’s vision for Los Angeles, emphasizing those that have transformative impact and measurable results.

    Is the Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles a part of city government?

    The Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental institution. The Fund received its 501(c)(3) status in November 2014.

    What is the Mayor’s role in the Mayor’s Fund?

    The Mayor has no formal authority with the Fund and does not sit on the Board of Directors.  To ensure public sector collaboration pursuant to the Fund’s Mission, the Mayor will:

    • Regularly share his/her vision for the City;
    • Foster partnerships between the Fund and the appropriate City resources, departments, and City managers to foster collaboration;
    • Identify opportunities for transformational change, such as technological advancement can bridge gaps in City services; and,
    • Support the fundraising efforts of the Fund.

    Why was the Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles created?

    Partnerships among public, private, non-profit, and philanthropic institutions are the cornerstone of successful urban transformation around the world. The Fund was established to advance these partnerships in Los Angeles, bringing together resources and experts to address the complex social and economic issues of our city.  As a private, nonprofit entity, the Fund is agile and aggressive, able to fund ideas and create partnerships that have the greatest positive impact on the City.

    How do I donate to the Fund?

    Donations can be made to the Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles via online donation here.  Checks may also be made out to the Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles and mailed directly to our address:

    Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles

    200 N. Spring Street, Ste 305b

    Los Angeles, CA 90012

    Can donations be earmarked for particular programs?

    Yes.  Donations may be restricted to programs currently active within the Fund.  For a complete list of active programs, please contact Sumi Parekh, program manager, at 213- 545- 2058.

    How will the Fund select programs to support?

    The Fund will convene experts from across the city to debate and discuss pressing challenges and opportunities. All projects utilize public and private resources in their solutions and they must produce measurable outcomes. 

    What is the Mayor’s Office of Strategic Partnerships and how does it work with the Fund?

    The Mayor’s Office of Strategic Partnerships (OSP) is a City office that exists to support introductions and partnership efforts across the City.  The OSP will continue to operate as a convener and supporter of nonprofit and philanthropic collaborations, often working in collaboration with the Fund. However, it is a wholly separate entity from the Fund.

    How do nonprofits access resources from the Fund?

    The Fund acts as a bridge between public and private resources, overseeing its own portfolio of projects; it does not give grants to non-profits or other organizations. For information about funding in the nonprofit sector,we recommend you visit the Center for Nonprofit Management in Los Angeles awww.cnmsocal.org

    How will the Fund cover its overhead and administrative costs?

    At its launch, the Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles received unrestricted, multi-year pledges to cover all of its anticipated administrative costs for its first five years, allowing for all future pledges and donations to go directly to program costs.

Fund Priorities

Fund Priorities

Economic Prosperity

The Fund is exploring innovative ways to promote economic growth Key initiatives focus on local job creation and the growth of tourism.

Fund Priorities

Community Resiliency

The safety and security of our residents is a top priority. Utilizing new technologies and enhanced preparedness models, the Fund is working to put Los Angeles at the pinnacle of urban and suburban safety.
Fund Priorities

Quality of Life

The Fund supports programs that create stronger neighborhoods, reduce congestion, improve public spaces, and seek to enhance the overall experience of living in Los Angeles.

Fund Priorities

Government Efficiency

Promoting a more efficient and responsive government, the Fund encourages the establishment and sharing of best practices to build the strongest city government possible.